Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dog Days in Walnut Branch

Been a long hot summer. Yes, admitting to being too lazy to post on this blog. Just too much going on in small town of Walnut Branch. Limited access to computer also hinders. Truthfully, if I had a two-wheeler I would be even more scarce.
At least we're on high ground when lots of folks getting flood waters in their homes, FEMA coming to town to assess compensation for the deserving few.
Don't build it in a flood plain, but if you do, don't expect my tax money to bail you out.
It's the Dog Days of Summer here in the New Philippines, except that our dog won't go outside, it's too hot.
Alas, my favorite show gets canceled, I guess I'll have to go outside sooner or later.
Really, I don't mind the heat.
Ozone overload days.
Can't carpool where I'm going.
My neighbors wait till high noon to start their lawnmowers.
Their sprinklers work in mid-afternoon, watering lawns not suited to this clime.
A herd of goats await their master in their overgrazed pasture.
Cows got into the power company's high voltage complex, but no electrocutions yet.
A man sits on the side of the highway selling fruit and vegetables.
How does he grow them in swampy fields?
Or would they be hydroponic.
By the time I decided to stop to ask him, he was gone.
Waiting for school to start, but I'm not going to school.
Bridges deemed obsolete, but heavy trucks still crossing, on their way to meet the captains of industry.
There's a war on, but I would rather watch a war movie.
Election coming, but I'm getting tired of voting for losers.
I'll watch it anyway, curious to see who will steal it this time.
Gotta go now, the cat wants out, and the dog is scratching at the bedroom door.
This stream of consciousness has dried up.

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