Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Republicans, Stuff Your Indignation

Kerry Belittles U.S. Troops

Kerry is right. Military recruiters are cruising our public school campuses, looking for the potential dropouts to recruit, suit up and send off to fight the losing war in Iraq. President Bush, keep your warmongering hands off our children.

A Musical Interlude With Banned Books

Banned Books 2006

It's my mission to read as many banned books as I possibly can for the duration of my life. I'm a rebel at heart, and when somebody tells me I can't read something they find offensive, then it is I who shall go on the offensive. Currently, I'm reading "1984" by George Orwell. I'll put up a few excerpts after I finish it, which won't be long now.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Want to Help Texas Children? Help Bell!

"The Bell Campaign had quite a day on Friday with Sen. John Kerry coming to Austin to join Chris at a press conference and a very successful downtown fundraiser. We’ve said it a thousand and one times: If Texas Democrats unite in this election there is no way we can lose. Having the support of national Democratic leaders like Sen. Kerry and President Clinton (who you'll be hearing from on our behalf over the radio very soon) will bring us that much closer to the goal of shoring up the state's blue base and sending Rick Perry packing."

Remember, vote for Chris Bell, Democrat for Texas Governor, on November 7.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rosa Rosales Turns on Spigot on Lou Dobbs

CNN's Lou Dobbs gave LULAC executive Rosa Rosales the floor, and he barely got it back after she tore into U.S. corporate policies that allow for the hiring of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Live from the Empire Theater, in downtown Cottonwood City. In case anyone wonders who she is, read the press release:

"Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) elects its new LULAC National President Rosa Rosales with over 70% of the vote by the delegates at the LULAC National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"I am elated at being elected the new President of LULAC and I am ready to work with all groups to take LULAC to the next level of activism. I want to thank LULAC and all the past Presidents for all the work they have done. I want to thank all of the volunteers because that is what LULAC is all about. What makes LULAC so special is because not only do the volunteers work for free but pay dues," said Rosa Rosales, past Vice President of the Southwest and the newly elected LULAC National President.

Born April 7, 1944, in San Antonio, Texas, Ms. Rosales was among the first Mexican American women to become labor organizers in recent times. Active in LULAC, she was the first woman to hold the position of State Director of that organization. She received her B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Michigan. Rosa was recently on the National LULAC Board of Directors holding the position of National Vice President of the Southwest.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is the oldest and largest Latino civil rights organization in the United States. LULAC advances the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health, and civil rights of Hispanic Americans through community-based programs operating at more than 700 LULAC councils nationwide."

Don't Vote.com Says Get Informed

No matter your political persuasion, this AARP sponsored web site urges citizens not to vote unless they are informed about what the candidates say about a given issue. Check it out.
19 Japanese Commercials

Angelina Jolie is a hot commodity in Japan. The language might be different, but you'll get the message.
One Tin Soldier

Great song. It was the theme tune for the movie "Billy Jack." Remember Billy Jack? "I really, really hate to kick your ass, but I'm gonna have to kick your ass..."
Pray For Peace

This was a hit song when it hit the airwaves during the Vietnam War. Kudos to the producer of this video, it's right on the money.
President Bush on Iraq: It's Never Been

Yesterday we were at war with Eastasia. Today, we are at war with Eurasia. We've never been at war with Eastasia. We've always been at war with Eurasia. Tomorrow, we will be at war with Eastasia. Tomorrow we will have always been at war with Eastasia...
Borat -The first 4 minutes of his Movie

Let's make a trade. Borat and his sister for Bush.

Don't Miss the Feral Hog Roast

The Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance's first ever
Hill Country Round Up Party and Feral Hog Roast!
Thursday November 2, 2006 at 7 p.m.
Buy Tickets Now

Join eminent chefs from San Antonio's premier restaurants:
*Jason Dady of BIN 555
*Rene Fernandez of Azuca
*The Lodge Restaurant
*La Focaccia
*Scenic Loop Cafe & Bar
*The Barn Door Restaurant
*The Black Eyed Pea
*W.D. Deli

A delectable feast of feral hogs and other comestibles will welcome you to the stunning, verdant surroundings of the R.L. White Ranch in Helotes, the perfect combination for a relaxing, piquant evening. Delicious baguettes from Le Madeleine French Bakery and Café will compliment a harvest medley of signature dishes from Menger Catering and San Antonio's premier dining establishments for our vegetarian friends, and Marie Callender's Restaurant and Bakery will be providing decadent desserts to seal off the evening.

Our favorite microbreweries, Blue Star Brewery, Real Ale Brewing Company, and Michael Berrier of La Tuna are generously providing libations!

Festivities begin at 7 p.m. Thursday November 2, 2006

Tickets are $100 per person, and 25% off for GEAA members!

Tables and Sponsorship are available

Some of San Antonio's premier restaurants are getting involved and doing their part to raise awareness-and cooking up some good food as well. Chef Jason Dady of Bin 555, The Lodge Restaurant, Rene Fernandez of Azuca, and Scenic Loop Café & Bar are just a few of the participating chefs and restaurants. Music by Kris Kimura Quartet will keep you swinging and dancing at the R.L. White Ranch in Helotes. Expect a little bit of comedy a great deal of food and a few words or two about the aquifer. Making a difference now means we can guarantee our future generations' clean water and an aquifer that can support our growing population. To learn more about the event or for more ways you can help the GEAA visit www.aquiferalliance.org

For more information or to make reservations, contact Rachel at 210.320.1457 or email to Bethany@aquiferalliance.org

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hey you, yeah you!

Go early vote. You have until November 3rd. If you can't get to the polls by then, you can always go on November 7th. Don't know where to go? All you have to do is click here and find your county. Don't know where you live? Well, then you have bigger problems. Now get your ass out the door and take a few friends with you.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mark Foley Action Figure on ebay

Click on Michael Rogers' blog on the left to see who was on the list of closeted gays in politics. Note that a high-ranking Texan (formerly a Cottonwood City district judge) was on the preliminary list that finally narrowed down to Larry Craig. Am I blabbing here? See this week's Real Time with Bill Maher for Barney Frank's discussion of gays on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, there were already six bids for the one-of-a-kind Mark Foley action doll on ebay. Check it out.

China's Immigration Policy in Action

chinese soldiers shooting tibetan pilgrims at mount everest

I know it's old news, but this is an interesting video. Is this the same China that Washington is asking to intervene in the Korean nucular crisis? Aw, forget it, CNN's advertising a "Closer Look" at Anna Nicole Smith, just so we don't have to keeping watching this creepy stuff.

Got Election Blues? Try Humor

Buster the Friendly Nuke will help you "Spread the Nuclear Love." Or try GOP 2.0 for a tutorial on computer instant messaging (or massaging, if you will). Mark Fiore will give you a good chuckle with his animated cartoons. It helps to relieve election cycle tension.

Will Diebold Determine Elections?

With election day almost here, the spectre of tampered electronic voting machines looms on the horizon. Sure, media outlets are touting a more level playing field for Democrats against the Republicans for majority seats in U.S. politics, but will that bear fruit come election day? The last time we voted, we were offered paper ballots, and we used them instead.
Once again, I'm looking forward to the voter apathy that plagues our country's political process. It dampens the feelings of disappointment in a perennially low voter turnout.
And now, a message from its sponsor: "About Diebold Election Systems

Automobiles. The printing press. The personal computer. These milestones of progress improved society forever. Now it’s democracy’s turn.

Diebold Election Systems provides accurate vote counting, extremely reliable security, and accessibility for voters.

Over 130,000 Diebold electronic voting stations are being used in locations across the United States to assist voters in exercising their most fundamental constitutional right: the right to vote.

Every vote counts. Let’s count every vote. Choose Diebold Election Systems.

Diebold takes pride in our industry leading accessibility, security and accuracy.

Access for Voters
Diebold Election Systems provides accessibility and empowerment to the widest population of voters. Voters who are visually-impaired or non-readers, and those with unique accessibility requirements are empowered to vote with independence and privacy.

Industry Leading Security
The foundation of Diebold Election Systems’ security includes several layers of physical and digital safeguards and multiple audit trails including both digital and voter-verifiable paper audit trails.

Accurate and Reliable Results
Diebold Election Systems has several methods in place to ensure election accuracy. When a voter casts their ballot using the Diebold touch screen system, the ballot selections are immediately encrypted and stored in multiple locations within the voting station, providing security and reliable redundancy."

I wonder who stands to benefit from "reliable redundancy."

Friday, October 20, 2006

Brief hello!... What I've been up to

This OnlyGrrl has been spending her evening blogging time helping her favorite candidate for public office. Pardon the plug, but I believe our BBC host will approve...

Enrique Valdivia is running for Edwards Aquifer Authority, District 7. I hope you'll spread the word far and wide!

The Edwards Aquifer Authority manages and protects the Edwards Aquifer, one of the major groundwater systems in Texas, and the sole source of drinking water for the city of San Antonio. The EAA needs smart, progressive, environmentalists to protect this vital resource from rampant development, contamination and overpumping.

Enrique is uniquely qualified to serve on this board—and with your support, he can win!

This is a non-partisan, down-ballot race where name recognition can make all the difference.

You can help in several ways:

• Forward this note to your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors!
• Blockwalk with us this weeked! Contact campaign treasurer Christel Villareal at 210-333-9437 or 210-861-5630.
• Vote for Enrique during early voting—which starts Oct 23
• Donate to the campaign! Donate using PayPal at the campaign website: www.vote4enrique.com, or mail it to:

Enrique Valdivia Campaign
530 Donaldson
San antonio, TX 78201

For more information, go to Enrique’s website: www.vote4enrique.com.

Enrique Valdivia for Edwards Aquifer Authority, District 7
A Vote for the Aquifer!

Endorsed by the Sierra Club, Enrique Valdivia has demonstrated commitment to improving quality of life in your community:

• Texas attorney for over 21 years
• President, Aquifer Guardians in Urban Areas (AGUA)
• President, Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance (GEAA)
• President, Fuerza Unida
• Fought for your right to vote on PGA Village
• Board Member, Neighborhood Resource Center
• Board Member, JumpStart Theater
• Board Member, Texas Fund for Environmental and Economic Education

From Enrique:

“I believe my professional background and commitment to aquifer protection will help me be an effective member of the Edwards Aquifer Authority. I’ve been a public interest attorney for 21 years. My practice has primarily focused on administrative and environmental law.

“I have also been a San Antonio community activist since 1998 when I started the Esperanza Environmental Justice Project with a grant from the EPA. I served for several years on the SAWS Citizens Advisory Committee. In 2001 I help organize Save Our Aquifer, the grassroots group that fought to force a vote on the PGA Village development, and served on its executive committee. I am one of the founders of the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance and currently serve as President of the GEAA board. I am also President of the board of Aquifer Guardians in Urban Areas.

“Of the many causes I’ve been fortunate to be part of, I am proudest of the progress of the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance. Like the EAA, GEAA is a regional body with diverse membership. The GEAA board and its members operate on a consensus based decision-making model. While this type of governance has been challenging at times it has enabled GEAA to grow a diverse membership while preserving cohesion. My experience with GEAA will be especially useful if I am elected to the EAA board. An EAA director is just one vote out of seventeen. So in order to be effective a director must be able to work with and persuade other directors. With my background and disposition I believe I am up to the task.”

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

HemisFair '68 Guidebook on ebay

Transplanted Californian found this in the area surrounding Bakersfield, at a garage sale or something. The logo is quite familiar and somewhat endearing, as it represented a dramatic change in the downtown skyline in 1968. The monorail was one of the best part of the world's fair that year, even with the fires and the breakdowns. Too bad the city did not preserve it, or even expand it to serve the entire downtown area.
Let the bidding begin.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rock My ebay World

We retreated and regrouped. We charged the digital camera batteries, and lined up the many items we have in inventory, and we've gone ebay.com
Trouble is, it takes such a long time to upload the items.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dope on Hill Country's Darling Boy

This fished off the Houston Democrats web site:

"Somebody's getting fired over this

Let's make it be Lamar Smith:

Immigration needs to be considered in the context of: (1). Media Bias, (2). Animosity toward the president and (3) the feelings of the Republican base."

Here's a little background on the radical right-winger representing TX-21, for those of you who may not be familiar:

a.) He's one of Tom DeLay's best buds in Congress. He has raised money for, and taken money from, the slimepit that is TRMPAC, and he donated $10,000 to La Cucaracha Grande's legal defense fund.

b.) He also came to The Federal Government's rescue by replacing a "moderate Republican" -- yes, I know it's an oxymoron -- on the House ethics committee, which we all know is the hardest working in all of Washington.

c.) Lamar Smith has been on a crusade to rid the nation of the scourge of illegal aliens since at least 1996 -- years before it became fashionable for brown people to be openly blamed for American society's ills -- when as chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, he authored the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act.
The Supreme Court has been busy overturning much of that legislation ever since.

Speaking of bad legislation, Lamar loves -- realllly loves -- the USA Patriot Act.

d.) Smith lists a condominium as his 21st District address, but he spends most of his time away from Washington at a $3.5 million estate on Cape Cod (apparently he prefers Massachusetts liberals as neighbors over Texans, even if both are mostly rich and Caucasian).

e.) And his goal is to become chair of the House Judiciary committee, where he's chomping at the bit to take care of those "activist judges".

The Congressman recently had a rough reception at his town hall meeting in the district, so it appears that his contituents are wising up to him.

Want to know more about the man running against him?

While this race is outside the purview of this blog's typical readership, any friend of Tom DeLay's is no friend of ours. We'd like to see him retired as much as his Bug-hole buddy, and the same goes for all the rest. Coast to coast.

Besides, they've all got lucrative careers as lobbyists waiting."

POSTSCRIPT: Visit John Courage's campaign web site, and donate.

He is running against Lamar Smith for U.S. Congress.

Harris Teaches Electronic Voting

Straight from Katherine Harris website, the following skinny on Mark Foley."

Washington, Oct 4 - U.S. Representative Katherine Harris (FL-13) today released the following statement concerning the Mark Foley matter:

“Former-U.S. Representative Mark Foley’s reported conduct is profoundly disturbing and morally reprehensible. I strongly support a swift and full investigation as to who may have been involved in covering up improper or illegal activities. We must ensure all appropriate steps are taken to protect the children who serve as Congressional pages”.

Photo above, Harris instructs child how to use Diebold electronic voting machine.

Countdown to Bush's Exit

It might help to pass the time till Bush exits the Oval Office. Of course the Countdown Clock can be reset in case of impeachment.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

PGA "Heartache" Resurfaces

One Cottonwood City councilwoman criticized a local PGA/Marriott Hotel deal that would build a 1,000-room hotel on a controversial golf course project that would include surrounding subdivisions of single-family housing; despite the fact that several years ago 100,000 people signed a petition to vote on whether they wanted this project built over a sensitive underground aquifer.
A previous city council went behind closed doors with developers and worked out a 27-year non-annexation agreement, ignoring hundreds of voices in opposition.
"I haven't changed my mind in standing strong with the issue that we shouldn't be developing out there, we should be protecting our aquifer," she admonished.
Criticism also was directed at plans to apply a 12-inch thick "clay liner" over the aquifer's recharge karst, with a closed loop irrigation system for the golf course. The local water company endorses this giant "eco-condum" despite a lack of previous experience with such an experiment on golf courses. A developer's representative claims the clay liners are commonly used to line the bottom of landfills, therefore allegedly protecting a region's groundwater from contamination.
The developers also would pass over the use of the city's well-funded and equipped fire department to protect its 1,000-room hotel and surrounding homes from fire damage. Instead, the developers would rely on a volunteer fire department to perform the task.
Furthermore, the developer wants a "force majeur" clause added to its non-annexation agreement with the city in addition to another force majeur clause in its water use agreement with the water company.
Also, a switcheroo regarding which source of water the developer would use. Instead of relying on water rights to another, more scarce water source from a small underground aquifer, they want to purchase water rights from the same aquifer used by more than a million residents of Cottonwood City. It should be noted here that the smaller aquifer tends to go dry during frequent drought periods, and is already overtaxed by wells that supply at least one exurb that lies to the north of Cottonwood City.
The developer's rep claims that if the developer switches to a single well in the larger aquifer, it would be subject to water restrictions during the many drought periods that occur in this region. If PGA/Marriott sticks to the original plan to draw water from the smaller aquifer through several wells it already owns, there would be no drought-period water restrictions. The City Council, ironically, is relying on this developer's representative to explain the science of this project, as he has represented many of the developers who routinely destroy native forests and pave over sensitive areas of this underground limestone aquifer.
One citizen critic pointed out that this development already lies within a heavily developed area that includes residents who are vehemently fighting the construction of toll roads.
It's interesting that the "toll party" that has gotten involved in statewide politics were not standing at the podium during the public comment segment of this agenda item that was presented to the council today.
The entire matter might be moot, as developers are predicted to override any council decision that does not favor them during the next session of the legislature.
This is a half-billion dollar project for PGA/Marriott, and they obviously would not be expected to adhere to the will of 100,000 petition signers who opposed this project when it first was proposed.
An environmental watchdog organization, Aquifer Guardians in Urban Areas, has steadfastly opposed this golf course/hotel/subdivision project.
The city council decision is pending at the time of this post - although I predict at least a 7-4 vote in favor of the developers.

POSTSCRIPT: A few minutes after this was posted on Thursday, individual council members made speeches about why they were disappointed that the PGA developers were bringing this deal back to council, but that they were voting for it anyway because it was good for the economic vitality of the city.
The mayor consulted the city attorney, the CEO of the water supply company, and the developer's engiineer. He asked them if the project would affect the city's water supply. They of course assured him it was an environmentally safe project. Therefore the mayor voted in favor of the new contract.
The Council's three female members voted against the proposal. In the end, the council voted 8-3 to give the PGA developers more time to build the golf course and the hotel. The environment takes a back seat to developers in Cottonwood City; in the final tally, it's the citizens who will suffer when their water source gets too polluted for human consumption.

Cibolo Runs Speed Trap Scam

We dropped off our car for a brake job at Michael G's Garage in Cibolo this past week. They do a great job on autos, without milking their customers. Over the past few years we've spent a couple thousand to have these top notch, honest mechanics keep our vehicles in top running condition.
So we're driving along Main Street in Cibolo in my pickup truck. I braked carefully down to 20 mph to account for the school zone. And there's a Cibolo police patrol car parked sideways across a side street. Main Street in Cibolo, it should be noted, is little more than a roller coaster of a street, which may account for the enthusiasm the cops have for issuing citations - they need money to repair this poorly maintained roadway.
I noticed my inspection sticker was expired, and had been expired since July.
I told the cop we were headed to the garage, where our car had been repaired and inspected, and that we would get the truck inspected.
He issued a ticket anyway. I got the truck inspected and went straightaway to Cibolo City Hall, to the municipal court window.
"You're inspection sticker was expired more than 60 days," replied the woman at the window. You'll have to pay the full amount.
Yes, this was my fault. If the sticker had been expired for less than 60 days, I would have gotten away with a $10 fine. But I have to pay $145, plus another $25 for citation issued in a school zone.
I'm going to pay the ticket. But I'm also going to stop taking our cars to Michael G's garage. We will no longer buy barbecue at Harmon's Barbecue.
In short, we will no longer do any business in Cibolo, or spend any money that might end up in city coffers.
We refuse to patronize any businesses in Cibolo, and I will warn anyone who will listen to stay away from Cibolo. In my opinion, the speed trap on FM 78 and the police entrapment zone on Cibolo's Main Street is nothing less than a scam on motorists perpetrated to loosen money from their wallets, with no exceptions made in any instance. I told that cop we were headed straight for the garage, but apparently his marching orders are to extort anything he can get.
In my opinion, Cibolo is left with short shrift because the money we would spend in the future on auto repairs or patronizing Cibolo businesses would amount to much more than the cost of the traffic fine.
Cibolo police patrols also frequent the portion of FM 78 that runs through this little town. The 50 mph speed limit is strictly enforced. Motorists in Guadalupe and surrounding counties should avoid this suburb like the plague.
The David Zucker Albright Ad

Ouch. The Anti-Bill Clinton faction is stewing over this one. Nasty election cycle. Nasty ... nasty ... NASTY.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My "Furry Friday" Contribution


Bloggers here celebrate "Furry Fridays" every week. They haven't let me in on the joke. But here's a pathetic attempt to get the jump on this week's Furry Friday. Am I on the right track here?
Yo quiero Taco Bell...Really, I do, but they're closed right now.

My Next Job? Truck Driver!

I've worked at many jobs in my life. Most recently, I was proprietor of the Banned Books Cafe, which is now an online cafe. We'll put up links to what we're doing online very soon. Before that I was a newspaper reporter. Before that I went to school full time and worked in the Home Depot garden department, selling truckloads of peat moss to gullible customers. Before that I was a newspaper editor, but that was sheer hell, so I went back to school. Before that I worked for a hospital system, in the PR department, where I built their corporate web site, which they've since torn down. Before that I worked in a print shop, and printed up business cards for my carpet cleaning business. Before that ... I was a proofreader for a publishing company in Austin. Before that I was a newspaper editor, but I got tired of the publisher's mission to print only "positive" news.

One of these days I'll try to list all the jobs I've had in my life.

But today, I decided to become a truck driver. Now I have to come up with the cash for truck driving school ... actually I have to just come up with cash.

But there's trucking companies who will hire you to drive for them and will pay your truck driving school tuition. Not cheap, one local college charges $4,000. So I'll try to get hired on with a company that will pay my tuition in exchange for driving for them for a couple of years.

Now all I've got to figure out is which company I want to drive for, and if I want to drive south to north, west to east, up or down.

I wonder how it's all going to work out, at this point.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Whiskey Sam Introduces Will Pryor

Burnt Orange Report diarist Whiskey Sam believes that if Dallas exurbanite Democrats would stop cowering in the hedges during the upcoming election, then corrupt
Congressman Pete Sessions would go down in flames:

"The history of the 32nd Congressional District in Texas is well-known by now. In 2003 Tom DeLay’s redistricting efforts focused on marginalizing the political career of Martin Frost, who had served Texas as a faithful Democrat for 26 years. DeLay marginalized Frost’s old district by splitting it up, marginalizing the African-American vote and incorporating part of the district into Smokey Joe Barton’s district.

Unfortunately, DeLay’s gambit paid off. In 2004, Martin Frost moved to the new 32nd Congressional District and took Pete Sessions on in one of the most expensive Congressional races in United States history. Both sides spent over $4 million in a fight for this computer-drawn, pro-Republican district that incorporates most of WASP Dallas; including Highland Park – the former home for both Bush and Cheney.

Ultimately, Martin Frost received 44%of the vote, and the DeLay redistricting scheme had one of its four victims. Two of the other DeLay victims, Nick Lampson and Chris Bell, are both figuring heavily into Texas politics this year.

Which brings us to Will Pryor.

Will is a traditional Texas Democrat, which means that he believes that Texas belongs to all Texans, and that the government owes an obligation to its citizens to spend their money effectively – with minimal waste. He is the son of a Presbyterian Minister, and his roots to the 32nd District go back to his childhood.

Mr. Pryor attended Yale as an undergrad, and was the Captain and MVP of the Yale Baseball Team (a distinction he shares with George H.W. Bush). Following undergrad, he attended Harvard Law School, graduating in 1981.

Will has been honored by local publications for his advocacy and skills as an attorney, but service remains his calling. In the 1980s, Will was one of the co-founders of the South Dallas Legal Clinic, a clinic providing legal services to those in need free of charge. Will met his wife, Ellen, during this time when they were both providing volunteer legal services for the indigent in the Dallas area. Ellen later became a Professor of Law at Southern Methodist University, where she emphasized to many a law student (myself included) the importance of not losing perspective of faith, service and community during the stress of law study and practice.

In the coming days, I intend to list the reasons why I think Will Pryor can do what Martin Frost could not. To many this race appears quixotic….a nice race with no chance of change. To the doubters’ credit, there is probably a good reason to think this is so. The 2006 race in the 32nd does not have the firepower that the Frost/Sessions race had in 2004, and accordingly, Pryor’s campaign is working on a fraction of the warchest Frost had. Additionally, Martin Frost spent over four million dollars and came away with only 44% of the vote.

However, this is a different year with different attitudes. Will Pryor is a fiscal conservative with the kind of drive towards lifelong service and altruism that you cannot fake, or dress up for a political campaign. Pete Sessions is a Conservative who is corrupt to the core, recently being named one of the most corrupt members of the 109th Congress by The Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington.

I asked my wife tonight if those 44% who voted for Martin Frost in 2004 would view the last two years of Republican failure and decide that they should vote for Pete Sessions this year. The question is laughable… but the converse is not. This race is not about converting half of the would-be Sessions voters to Pryor voters. This race is about reaching out to those 6% of Sessions voters who have seen the last two years of corruption, of ties to Abramoff, and the utter lack of any real commitment from their representative in Washington, and presenting those voters with a moral candidate who lives his faith through service to his community.

The conventional wisdom in this race is that the 32nd District belongs to Sessions. I refuse to believe that this is true."

Molly Ivins Thinks Chris Bell Can Win Texas

Molly Ivins watched the Texas gubernatorial debate last Friday night (of course it was aired during football night, so few people watched it). She gave Bell the win in the debate as did many others who saw him appear with, as he said, his "three Republican opponents." Click on the above link to read her column, but here, an excerpt:

"One overall impression: It seems to me both Strayhorn and Friedman damaged themselves. Lots of people are voting for Kinky for the fun of it, but the thin-skinned Texas Jew reacted badly to questions about his recent racist remarks. He first became defensive and then petulant -- sort of, if you can't take a joke, to hell with you. The politically incorrect humor didn't work because it wasn't funny ... in fact, it was painfully bad. Strayhorn seemed over-prepped and over-amped. As Texas political guru Bob Armstrong said, she talked 40 mph, with gusts up to 70.

So that leaves us with two Protestant white guys again. Just FYI, the percentage of minority citizens working for the state government has gone down steadily since Ann Richards.

Rick Perry and Chris Bell: Compare and contrast.

Rick Perry has really good hair.

Chris Bell has everything else.

Obviously, you think my prejudices are showing here, but others who reported on the debate, while often taking shelter behind the "no major blows landed" dodge, rather clearly thought Bell had done best, even if Perry won on the politics of it by not actually saying anything totally idiotic.

According to the post-debate "fact check" article in the Dallas Morning News, Perry claimed he had pushed a tax bill through the Legislature "lowering property taxes by a record amount." He didn't mention that the bill is not a tax cut, it's a tax-swap -- it didn't lower taxes, it just moved them over to business and smokers.

He also claimed teachers could get a $12,000 raise under his school plan. Actually, the pay raise for teachers is $2,000 across the board, with the stated recommendation to the school districts that they add merit pay raises between $3,000 and $10,000. That's some mighty fancy slicing and dicing there.

Bell picked up a $1 million pledge that night from John O'Quinn, the Houston trial lawyer. The trial lawyers have almost blown a good shot here -- all it takes is one more vote than 36 percent, there is no run-off, this is winner-take-all, sudden death. Polls show two out of three Texas voters ready to vote against Perry. The Democrats have a base vote around 40 percent. I think it would be a real tragedy to throw this one away, and you know what is tripping us up? We think we can't win.

We're in a real "why try, why work, why contribute?" spiral, believing our guy doesn't have a chance. Nonsense. You couldn't ask for an easier win."
Minutemen Protest

The Minutemen stirred up the students at Columbia University. Check out the campus tv news station for more entertaining videos.

Bush A What?

Was George Bush wanking off when the Iraq War shifted from a United States invasion to an all-out civil war? Was he wanking off when Mark Foley attempted to have digital sex with a former Congressional page? Was he wanking off when Korea exploded its alleged nuclear (nukular) bomb? What's Bush going to wank on next? Check out Gail Orenstein's photos. I'm putting up a link to her blog, which contains sexy photos and clips of current events from various news agencies.
Male Restroom Etiquette

Go to any modern mall. Enter the men's bathroom and look at the trash receptacles. Invariably they are overflowing with paper towels. Men, for some reason, are loathe to push the paper towel down into the trash can. Maybe because the pile of towels is wet? Anyway, men seem perfectly willing to let an unfilled trash can overflow onto the floor. This really means nothing in the gestalt sense of the world. It's just an observation of how men behave after they have washed their hands in the bathroom.

Monday, October 09, 2006

MSNBC Poll: Want Bush Impeached?

Out of more than 300,000 viewers polled, 86 percent have voted that they would see President George Bush impeached for "secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more." Is Bush terrified at the prospect of having a Democratic majority in Congress? The National Journal says this story has legs that might run through election day.

Also on MSN, an excerpt from the Republican camp: “There’s been a lot of ducking and dodging and diving and weaving,” said Rep. Ray LaHood, R-Ill. “There is a lot of fingerpointing that had gone on earlier in the week, but I do think people are behind the speaker now.”

Republicans have mixed views on the upcoming elections. “This is going to be the most difficult 30 days in the last 12 years that we’ve been the majority party,” LaHood said. The GOP took power after the 1994 election.

Almost half of Americans surveyed in a recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll said recent disclosures of corruption and scandal will be extremely or very important to their vote.

Also, more than half of those surveyed in a Newsweek poll released this weekend believe Hastert tried to cover up news of Foley’s messages to the pages. That poll gives Democrats the advantage on handling moral values, normally a Republican strong point."

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Scenes From the Halls of Power

Homeland Security Gaydar System reports todays gay threat level is Code Red, repeat Code Red. Gay threat to our national security is SEVERE...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Boy Scout Pete Sessions Makes Top 20 Corrupt in Congress

Will Irving/University Park/Richardson voters (Congressional District 32) tolerate this politician's run for another term? Will they replace him with Democrat Will Pryor? Got to keep an eye on this one.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

More Things That Ought to be Banned

Blurring the line between Church and State...

I thought our Constitution banned this already. But I guess not.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You're Saving The World, Alton Verm

There's not much else to do in those Piney Woods in East New Philippines, except to pick through a classic, already banned or challenged book, such as Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451," and demand that the local school district ban it for having dirty words like smoking, the Bible, etc.
Hence, Mrs Diana Verm said it best: "The book had a bunch of very bad language in it. It shouldn't be in there because it's offending people. ... If they can't find a book that uses clean words, they shouldn't have a book at all."

Okay now, let's all think up some "clean words."

And would somebody PLEASE lend me their copy of "Ella Minnow Pea?"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Congressional Page Program Adopts New Uniforms

Today I read in the New York Times that some Republicans were recommending elimination of the Congressional Page Program as a way to prevent future problems of sexual predation of the young pages by congressional perverts. Apparently the pages themselves are the problem--they're just too damn hot with their little butts going up and down the congressional stairs day in and day out (and in and out). Members of Congress just can't control themselves.

I suggest they adopt the burka for pages. Hey! That works in Afghanistan, right?

Monday, October 02, 2006

"Derelict" Magazines Not So Popular In The Past

There was a story printed in the New Philippines Monthly in the 1980s about an upstart newspaper publisher who lived in the Coastal Bend.
He apparently was disgusted by the inherent disgustibility of human beings in general - or maybe he merely wanted to capitalize on it.
His publication was titled "Toast of the Coast." It hit the newsstands weekly, and it was full of photos of deadly auto wrecks; of murdered corpses, drowning victims, and of stabbing recipients bleeding to death on the curbside before the ambulance arrived to the rescue.
My favorite, or did I just imagine it? The "Drunk of the Week" photo, usually of some hapless spring break reveler who had driven his souped-up girl-bait buggy above the 2.5 mph speed limit on the beach after having imbibed three cases of malt liquor.
The magazine had such a high readership, the local Chamber of Concrete waxed embarrassment, offered the man an outrageous sum of money to sell his publication; and he took the money and ran.
We need such publications these days.
Human beings are predatory in nature.
That's why furniture stores are constantly conducting "Going Out Of Business Sales."
My condolences to the parents of the children who have been murdered, not just in the United Whites of America, but in countries all over the world.
But I'm also predatory in nature, and I wouldn't mind making a pile of money off of somebody else's misery - no different than the practice of CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox and etcetera.
I wouldn't hesitate to publish photos of bloody corpses on the front page - especially if they are children, because that triggers the inherent fear that human beings harbor; the same fear that factors in the mass marketing decisions that corporate executives make in an effort to fleece the average earth inhabitant.
I have children too.
I will not teach them to vote for politicians who intend to invade their spaces with their deviant sexual fantasies, whether it's through AOL Instant Molesting, or otherwise.
I believe I'm finding a voice in this particular "derelict magazine" genre.
Stay tuned ... some shocking revelations about your hometown are forthcoming.
You won't read it anywhere else, and you don't have to be bothered with all the advertisements that play on your fears.
At least ...
not yet ...
have you paid your auto insurance bill this month?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Derelict Magazine" debuts

The idea for a "sensational new media outlet - something for everyone" in Cottonwood City popped into my head about an hour ago (see title above).

Photos of drunken bums, just-stabbed-to-death housewives, bus drivers disenfranchised by crackhead politicians; sixteen-year-old-boy-pages computer-fucked in the ass by short-fingered; middled-aged (male) politicians.

Assholes who own more oil than they can stuff up their daddy's "ass-hole (for proper pronunciation, see the movie, "The Fokkers") oil-dealer buddies" who succumb to the war machine, or is it "suck up or be fucked up?"

Footnote: To the guy who called me and said, "When you get 'desperate,' call me and we'll buy some of that restaurant equipment from you."

Idiot. You're lucky I don't say your name in public.

And I forgot your telephone number as I wrote it down.

Hold your breath while I think about it.

I always knew this city was lame. I just held out hope, since "I'm from here."

But nobody else is, and they move on pretty quickly.

I feel sorry for the ones who can't, or else they think so...

Somebody stole my copy of "1984" or else Winston would have more to say right now.