Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ele (Meu Amigo Roland) Tem Razão!

We had an Earth Day planning committee meeting in Seguin’s city hall yesterday. Immediately afterwards I felt somewhat satisfied that we’re making some progress toward reducing our ecological footprint here in Guadalupe County and environs.

Moreover some folk in the U.S. feel a bit satisfied today after the action of Congress to band aid Wall Street and Main Street. And perhaps some feel quite satisfied that one or the other of the presidential candidates (or one of the candidate’s perky idiotmatic … sorry … idiomatic partner, ... with lipstick) will actually achieve energy independence by 2013 and a high input U.S. economic system run on renewable energy*.

Nevertheless, I am personally rarely satisfied for very long! And my friend Roland was right on yesterday when he “analyzed”, “Well it’s great that our city can plan an Earth Day event, but can’t even get started with planning a curbside recycling program-- that could benefit the poor, and be user friendly for this important sector of our population.”

Moreover Roland points out that no politician (presidential candidate or otherwise) is really dealing with the ills of our capitalistic economic system--a system which keeps us addicted to irrational exuberance, rampant consumption, big houses, conventional air conditioning, mal-transport, exotic imported foods, high inputs of non-renewable energy*, the military-industrial complex, and blaming problems in this ecologically extractive economy on the bogeyman … .
*”I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona. If you’ll buy that I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free.” G. S.

**High artificial inputs of energy period are problematic, whether it involves renewable, or non-renewable, energy.

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