Monday, February 08, 2010

In Memorium of Maisie - Tia Minnie's Canine Companion

Please accept my deepest most heart-felt condolences. No one can know more than me how deep your loss must be.

My boys are all okay. It's been much too cold and damp here to walk them much but the sunny days are coming. We walk at night then.

I know Maisie was so much more than an animal companion. And I understand your feelings that she cannot be replaced in any way. To me, dogs are as valued as people as they love us more than most people ever would. They love us no matter what. You can't replace that. Just like you can't replace people.

I will always have a dog, tho. But until the very last of my 3 are gone, I won't even think about it. Gomez is going to be 8 on June 16. Viggo will be 6 on March 3. Papi Chulo's age is a mystery. He is the smallest one, the bravest one, the first to sound an alarm. The first that is aware of something not quite right. He sleeps on my head. Gomez sleeps between me and the couch back (I fall asleep watching TV), and Viggo sleeps behind my knees. Our sleep is well-orchestrated and if I turn over, we all turn over. We all wake up at the same time. If I sleep, they sleep. If I eat, they eat. Many a night, they have awoken me when something is in our yard that shouldn't be there, be it oppossum, dog, cat, hawk, or even the mysterious white rabbit that comes thru every few months or so...

I believe Dogs go to heaven. Surely, Maisie is there. Waiting, like they all do for us to come be with them again. They wait paitiently, so there's no need to hurry - hear me? 8-)

I will pray for her tonight and thank her for doing such a good job of loving and caring and guarding and looking out for you. She was a good friend and in my eyes will always be seen as just that - your best friend.

There are plenty of dogs in shelters who would love to have a loving companion like you if you're ever ready for another friend. Don't look at it as replacing Maisie. A person can't have too many friends in their life. Only you know if that time will ever come again. Just know there is a dog that would love to love you.

Please accept my that my heart hurts for you in this time of sorrow. I didn't know this had happened. Please know she will be blessed for having loved you so much.

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