Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Freezy, sneezy weather

Lady Liberty stood on the sidewalk in the icy blast of a major cold front. She moved her body back and forth as if she was dancing, and not freezing. But she was in good spirits, doing a job that "pays well," to support her children.
Happy moments when motorists would honk their horns to acknowledge her attempts to get their attention, and ultimately their business for her employers. And there was the guy who used his truck's PA system to tell her to get inside and get warm.
Lady Liberty stood outside all day Tuesday, January 16, wearing her liberty crown, and waving her sign at motorists.
Ice built up on windshields. Road workers spread sand on bridges, and authorities closed sections of the interstate that runs north and south through the hills to the north.
Two inches of snow reported as near as sixty miles away, but around here, nothing but rain, sleet, and frozen leaves on the lime tree we planted this summer.
Down to twenty-eight degrees with ice on the roads, normal in the northern climes, but dangerous around these parts.
My City Council meeting was cancelled.
And I was informed by the editor that I'm the new business reporter, in addition to covering city government.
See you at the livestock show later this week.
City Boy signing out.

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