Saturday, January 06, 2007

Grill "Chef" Going Back to News Hounding

It's been a slow holiday season for me. I've sent out dozens of resumes to potential employers across the state, mostly newspapers who advertise they are looking for news reporters.
Most of them rudely ignored my cover letters and emails. Don't want to work for them anyway.
Had a good conversation with a newspaper in East New Philippines, sent some clips, but they were looking for a copy editor to lay out pages behind a computer all day, and I wasn't interested. Never heard back about their regional reporting position that supposedly was open.
Nevermind. I've accepted a full-time job as a city hall reporter in a small town about twenty miles east of Cottonwood City. I'll be working with a guy I worked with in another small town, at its daily newspaper, several years ago - he has lobbied relentlessly to get me hired on to work with him. Together, we make a great reporting team, with me on the government, him on the police beat.
I start work next Wednesday, and for the time being, I'll keep my grill chef gig part time.
Anybody want to celebrate? Send me an email, and maybe we can meet at La Tuna, or somewhere, when the weather gets warmer.


Salem said...

I am getting a hdtv big screen stop by and see the superbowl. We have a keg of Siera Nevada IPA on tap.

We will celibrate like it was Milwaukie Wisconsin.

kat said...

glad you are back at it!

i'm running for city council district one - you probably already read that though!

got your call. call me again!

kat swift

kat said...

glad you're back at it!

guess what - you probably know - i'm running for city council district one!

kat swift
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