Monday, November 20, 2006

Banned Books Cafe Blog Wide Open

After reading something the other day about how blog "lurkers" are loathe to register, or sign in, to make comments on blog posts, I've decided to open up the comments to the general public. The article recommended that blog administrators open up the comments section to allow visitors to leave messages without registering or verfying their identities. It pointed out that 95 percent of blog visitors who might leave a comment avoid doing so if they have to go through a registration process. What that means is, if you see a post here, like or dislike it, or just want to add your comment, feel free do so. Here it is, comment away, but be warned, spammers will be unmercifully ridiculed.
If you find you can't make a comment without signing in, send a message to me, and I'll try to fix the problem, if there is one. I also turned off the word verification thingy, but I might turn it back on if the spammers get too boisterous.

Dear Mayahuel, I'm happy that you finally found your voice.
Janis Joplin is top drawer, I wish she was still with us.

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Anonymous said...

Test, test, test. This is a test by the National Emergengy Blogcast System.
Bwaahhh, Bwaahhh, Bwaahhh