Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vote today, tomorrow or Tuesday!


Winston said...

I'm going to refrain from posting anything to allow this post to remain on top of this blog until after the election. Also, voters should look for and vote for Annalisa Peace and Stephen Colley to serve on the Edwards Aquifer Authority board of trustees. Unfortunately, our ballot in Guadalupe County has none of these candidates listed (we've got a bunch of uncontested Republicans on the ballot).

pineapple said...

Uncontested Republicans. A statewide problem. I have never had to vote for some many libertarians in my life. But I had to vote against those nazi judicial candidates.

Winston said...

I've deleted the post titled "Where Did I Go Wrong." My wife is still traumatized about the incidents I described, and she asked me to take it down. My kid is out of the situation she was in, but she's got a long way to go and she will need lots of resolve to succeed. I hope she makes it; we'll try to help, but the determination has got to be there.
Now, for the libertarians and the Repbulicans. We've got little choice here in Guadalupe County on the Democrat side. For instance. The County Judge uncontested, a Republican. Two county court at law judges, both Republicans uncontested. District clerk, county clerk, county treasurer, Republicans; one county commissioner, Democrat, another county commissioner, Repubican; and three justice of the peace candidates, Republicans, all uncontested. One District judge (27th judicial district), a Republican uncontested.
District 28 U.S. Rep. to Congress, there's Republican turned Democrat Henry Cueller, with a Constitutional candidate and a Democrat running against. I'm voting against Cueller, as he did nothing for the Katrina survivors who rode a bus all the way to Washington DC to ask him for help.
I'll vote, but I remain skeptical that Diebold and the e-voting machines will allow a Democracy in this country.
It's all very 1984, if you ask me.

Only Grrrl said...

Winston: You've held out so long! I hope to see you tonight at Beethoven's Maennerchor for the victory party! --Only Grrrl