Friday, November 17, 2006

Unemployed? Look up old friends.

I'm posting this photo that Enrique shot of me a couple of months ago at the Banned Books Cafe. It's for the benefit of a great friend that I met in Navy boot camp in 1974 - Great Lakes, Chicago.
I always called him "Wild Bill," but I was the wild one, and as he was the boot camp company clerk, he always kept me out of trouble with our commander. Anyway, since I'm between journalism jobs (my blogger friends should know that I'm a full-time grill cook at a local seafood restaurant in a Cottonwood City suburb) and I have some free time on my hands, I decided to look some people up.
Wild Bill was first on my list.
Fortunately, I found his little brother listed on the net in his home town in northern New Philippines. He remembered me and gave me a quick history on the entire family: "Everybody's healthy."
That was good news.
And it was great to get a call from the Wild One (again, much tamer and more apt to avoid trouble than yours truly), a few hours later.
We've re-established our connection, much to my happiness. It tends to overshadow the doldrum of job hunting.
Update on my life. I do not plan to string shrimp on kabob sticks for the rest of my days, but it's a job, not too far from home, hence no highway commute. I have had an interview with a local newspaper, and I've broadcast my resume and some clips from my work at the San Antonio Current to newspapers all over the state.
I heard from one editor in the far north Hill Country (lake district), but since it's the weekend, I'll likely not hear anything from anyone else until next week.
My life is in a flux, and it can become depressing having to wait around for word from a potential employer. But I'm a patient person. Something will happen. Soon, I hope.
The latest joy in my life? Getting back in touch with "Wild Bill." I don't know whether he is interested, but I'll send him an invite to join this blog, and you can possibly hear for yourself what he does with his life nowadays.
Stay tuned, and if you hear of any good job leads in the journalism business, send them my way (no, I do not lay out pages, that stuff is for editors, I'm a writer/reporter who most of the time needs a good editor, as you can tell from this copy).
Next person to look up? Tony Wamego, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the hell are you - I'm still pissed off at you for convincing me to join the submarine service?
Signed - Winston, still not finished with "1984," too many distractions these days - but I did get in some flying time with the kites when that cold front was here - it almost destroyed my box kite.

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