Saturday, August 23, 2008

Os Pensamentos no Domingo

The community in which my wife and I have chosen to live and die is continuing to work with consultants with Mesa Design Group-Dallas in “preparing a Comprehensive Plan for future DEVELOPMENT in the city and its ETJ.” … This process shouldn’t be anything like “rocket science” … but should involve ecological science, with real concern for immediacy in moving toward working locally and globally to conserve the natural resource base, and ethically use energy. Someday soon we really do need to get concerned and serious about rampant artificialization of what’s left of Nature in this ecosphere:

[Enrolada (Jan 2007)

Depression and Pinchot-wired parents taught us to conserve.
2007 Chosen People-fundamentalist preachers impel us to grab and rule the all that WE MOST CERTAINLY deserve.

Humility, frugality used to be preached in the churches.
America First!!! War!! Estados Unidos sempre precisa ganhar! … And the ship of state lurches.

Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates. The power reigns.
Others squalid in big city/rural remains.

So green! So green! A new gas-electric hybrid auto and a muito verde LEED home built for only 200, 000 times what half the individuals in the world make in a year.
“Organicissimo!! Organicissimo!!” With this certified pesticide-free apple sent from New Zealand for our fresh fruit Texas party of Christmas cheer.

“Environmentists” answer is “Renewable”. Used only a half million BTUs per capita last year of ethanol and fuel cell energy.
… Did I mention it cost about a million British Thermal Units of oil, gas and coal. Don’t you love the synergy?!?!

Cars cause super-problems; we rush for more.
9-11! W said rush for the store.

Indoor pools, treadmill exercise machines..
Could we become Mexican Raramuri or Kenyan Kalenjins and make the whole earth Nature’s park, and run it in our jeans … and get it back into concert with our genes?

Hot outside? Turn on the arcondicionados! Keep eating more gas, oil, coal fueled potatoes.
Global warming (Climate change)? Highly recommend moving from Barbados.

The Chosen few of the world possess Capital and are Landed,
While the Third World is kwashiorkor- stranded.

7 billion Homo sapiens—Number ONE!!!
Other top trophic species? You’re certainly done!

Top soil? Watersheds? Diverse biotic communities? Passive solar energy? Who the hell has heard of “it”??
Big screens, NFL, NBA, empty calories—chips and beer. All of this is what keeps the U.S. lit.

Farm subsidies, conservation easements, cheap energy and basic resources from abroad. For the Lorded Landed this spells more cash!
Certainly can’t cap excessive income and capital gains, strive for real equity and equality and produce less trash!

Trans Texas Corridors! Loops around Interstate jams. Muckity, muckity, muck, muck, muck.
I’ll solve it by traversing overLand with my on-steroids Hummer, ATV, SUV, Suburban, and Big diesel truck.

Frequent flyer miles, ecotourism, luxury ‘beachcombing”, Carnival Cruise.
Explain for me again now those South American favela blues!?!

Come to our High Schools and Universities and learn to change the world faster.
No matter this “serves” to make the Natural ecosphere much less of a laster.

Mold those young uns into businessmen, corporate lawyers, sports physicians, oil field geologists.
But “Heaven forbid” an environmentalist or world renowned ecologist!

It’s the parents’ fault, the teacher’s culpa, the administrators get in the way; a federal problem, a local one. The village! The family! The individual student! … Let’s get more realistic!!!
It’s all of these. Just start somewhere and stay focused on it with lots of will and energy. Get off your butt and think holistic!

Radios, TVs, cell phones, iPods, video games, plastics, petroleum perfumes,Taco bell food, this dam computer screen. Peggy Lee cries out, “Is That All There Is?” … VIRTUAL reality?
Think this is really messing with my Natural innate personality!

Go out into the country, inner city or even suburban streets.
In this wealthiest of nations you’ll find unattended-to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, cancer, malnutrition-- it's because of bad (or lack of) local doctors, politics and economics, chambers of commerce, ecological ignorance and apathy, and high fructose corn-based sweets.

Arteriosclerosis, arthrosclerosis, hypertension, embolism, angina, arrhythmia, heart attack, stroke. Could it be our way of life??
Perhaps we could just slow down and do it the natural way and give (human) Nature less strife??

Small is beautiful! Don’t let them tease you!!
Big is passé … pasado. Communidades que pensa grandao are screwed.

War. Basic/Airborne Ranger/Green Beret Special Forces training--into fit muscled/artificial “Army of One”- MEN (and woMEN). Uniforms, weapons, order, brass gives us meaning.
Could we all do a chaotic Peace Corps thing --and rather than destroy do just cleaning?

Haifa, Chechnya, Darfur, Cuba, South Ossetia, the deep dark Congo.
Their notoriety? “ Isn’t one of those where they invented the bongo?”
I’m confused!!!!
Or too much BS infused?

Got to act local.
I’m not just a Seguin yokel.]


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