Friday, August 29, 2008

Renewable Energy? Hydrogen and Fuel Cells?? Nuclear Energy????

My former department chair, friend, and mentor, Dr. William C. Davis, and I do not agree on various aspects of "sustainability". Nevertheless, for some time he and I have agreed on the limitations of biofuels--and on the severe detrimental impact (on humans and Natural ecosystems) widespread use of these fuels (for other than in Natural trophic webs) would have. (My position is based on the research of David Pimentel of Cornell and H.T. Odum of the University of Florida--beginning back in the 1970s.)
Dr. William Davis, Director of Renewable Energy, St. Philip's College, has agreed to speak (a conversation with me, ... and the audience) at our next Siempre Sustainable Network meeting (607 Jefferson-Seguin) the evening (6 pm) of September 8th. (Siempre hopes to help people in this region of south central Texas reduce their individual and collective ecological footprints--in the near and more distant future, ... and in a way that is socially just, ecologically sound and humane!)

Dr. Davis has taught chemistry, and was Natural Sciences Department Chair for many years at St. Philip's College, served and was severely wounded in the Korean War, and has received many awards for accomplishments in teaching, research, and community activism.

Because of his Georgia roots, connections with Tuskegee University, his work in the Northwest, and his brother Ossie--Dr. Davis has met, worked with and/or befriended the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr., Garrett Hardin (Tragedy of the Commons), Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Ernest Hemingway, and Paul Newman. Dr. Davis has a rich and very interesting history with south Georgian African-American/ Cherokee/ ... roots, and with Baptist and Lutheran religious influences.

Moreover, he may bring along his colleague, Placido Isaac, who was one of Sam Flores' students at Harlandale High School and was active in the Brown Berets.

There are few who have a better appreciation of the tenets of sustainability than Dr. Davis.

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