Friday, December 29, 2006

Keeping Tabs On Charles Manson

Anyone wonder what Charles Manson is doing these days? Remember Charlie? He's the man who inspired California prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi to write Helter Skelter, a fascinating book about the Manson murder spree wherein Sharon Tate and others died at the hands of Charlie's followers.

Charles is alive and well, and there are numerous web sites dedicated to him, including the following, whose purpose is as stated in quote marks:

"Manson Direct offers the most accurate and current information available about Charles Manson.

For over 30 years there has been an enduring interest in Manson on the part of the public, the media, writers, the curious, detractors, and others. YOU have at least some vague curiosity as well, otherwise you would not have troubled yourself to come here.

Our purpose is to offer current and accurate information about Manson, because people, even you, want to know."

Charles Manson, cult leader, murderer, or prophet?
What do YOU think?
I suggest you read Bugliosi's book before you make up your mind.


Salem said...

I have read the book and am somewhat interested why the interest or should I say morbid couriosity?

Only Grrrl said...

This is one morbid curiosity I don't share... I'm much more interested in secret obsessions, perversion, online lurking, anxiety, insecurity and other dark habits.

Winston said...

Okay. I'm not obsesses with Charles Manson, but I did have a crush on Ouish, or whatever her name is. More on that later.
I think the morbid curiosity lies among the many people who research Manson online, thereby creating a justification for keeping a few web sites about him updated.
His actions caused people, including an unborn child, to die.
If it hadn't been for a ban on the death penalty in California at the time he was sentenced, we would only have his ashes today.
What's it gonna be Charlie? Hanging? The electric chair, firing squad, or death by injection?
Less expensive than supporting this rat in prison for the rest of his life.