Friday, December 08, 2006

Take Thos. Edison's Pre-Employment Test

Honestly, this post will take no sides politically, despite what I think about our current president. Just for fun, see how much you know if you think you know a lot by taking Thomas Edison the inventor's pre-employment test. My first score was a 66 percent. Second time, somewhere in the upper 80s, but I qualify that with the excuse that it was after midnight when I took it. Generally, I do well with trivia games such as the ones on the bar at a given local nightclub, but this is a tough one. I give credit, however, to extended periods spent in upper division college English classrooms for all of my correct answers about various authors (I also correctly answered the question about who invented the printing press, only because I have worked in the printing business in previous lives), but Edison was a tough examiner with questions about science, geography (no geometry) and other subjects. Click here for the test. Good luck.

ADDENDUM: I'm not trying to brag about any intellectual prowess, as it appears after I've read my own post. Far from it. I'm seriously math deficient, and I had to guess at the mathematical questions such as the distance from the earth to the sun - I had no idea. And scoring an 80 on a retest is cheating. My score was still "xyz" which is what Edison gave to college graduates who failed his rigorous exam. In other words, he never would have hired me to work in his inventor's workshop.

Furthermore, I'm going to avoid politics for awhile. There doesn't seem to be much point to it.

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