Friday, October 20, 2006

Brief hello!... What I've been up to

This OnlyGrrl has been spending her evening blogging time helping her favorite candidate for public office. Pardon the plug, but I believe our BBC host will approve...

Enrique Valdivia is running for Edwards Aquifer Authority, District 7. I hope you'll spread the word far and wide!

The Edwards Aquifer Authority manages and protects the Edwards Aquifer, one of the major groundwater systems in Texas, and the sole source of drinking water for the city of San Antonio. The EAA needs smart, progressive, environmentalists to protect this vital resource from rampant development, contamination and overpumping.

Enrique is uniquely qualified to serve on this board—and with your support, he can win!

This is a non-partisan, down-ballot race where name recognition can make all the difference.

You can help in several ways:

• Forward this note to your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors!
• Blockwalk with us this weeked! Contact campaign treasurer Christel Villareal at 210-333-9437 or 210-861-5630.
• Vote for Enrique during early voting—which starts Oct 23
• Donate to the campaign! Donate using PayPal at the campaign website:, or mail it to:

Enrique Valdivia Campaign
530 Donaldson
San antonio, TX 78201

For more information, go to Enrique’s website:

Enrique Valdivia for Edwards Aquifer Authority, District 7
A Vote for the Aquifer!

Endorsed by the Sierra Club, Enrique Valdivia has demonstrated commitment to improving quality of life in your community:

• Texas attorney for over 21 years
• President, Aquifer Guardians in Urban Areas (AGUA)
• President, Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance (GEAA)
• President, Fuerza Unida
• Fought for your right to vote on PGA Village
• Board Member, Neighborhood Resource Center
• Board Member, JumpStart Theater
• Board Member, Texas Fund for Environmental and Economic Education

From Enrique:

“I believe my professional background and commitment to aquifer protection will help me be an effective member of the Edwards Aquifer Authority. I’ve been a public interest attorney for 21 years. My practice has primarily focused on administrative and environmental law.

“I have also been a San Antonio community activist since 1998 when I started the Esperanza Environmental Justice Project with a grant from the EPA. I served for several years on the SAWS Citizens Advisory Committee. In 2001 I help organize Save Our Aquifer, the grassroots group that fought to force a vote on the PGA Village development, and served on its executive committee. I am one of the founders of the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance and currently serve as President of the GEAA board. I am also President of the board of Aquifer Guardians in Urban Areas.

“Of the many causes I’ve been fortunate to be part of, I am proudest of the progress of the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance. Like the EAA, GEAA is a regional body with diverse membership. The GEAA board and its members operate on a consensus based decision-making model. While this type of governance has been challenging at times it has enabled GEAA to grow a diverse membership while preserving cohesion. My experience with GEAA will be especially useful if I am elected to the EAA board. An EAA director is just one vote out of seventeen. So in order to be effective a director must be able to work with and persuade other directors. With my background and disposition I believe I am up to the task.”

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