Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Derelict Magazine" debuts

The idea for a "sensational new media outlet - something for everyone" in Cottonwood City popped into my head about an hour ago (see title above).

Photos of drunken bums, just-stabbed-to-death housewives, bus drivers disenfranchised by crackhead politicians; sixteen-year-old-boy-pages computer-fucked in the ass by short-fingered; middled-aged (male) politicians.

Assholes who own more oil than they can stuff up their daddy's "ass-hole (for proper pronunciation, see the movie, "The Fokkers") oil-dealer buddies" who succumb to the war machine, or is it "suck up or be fucked up?"

Footnote: To the guy who called me and said, "When you get 'desperate,' call me and we'll buy some of that restaurant equipment from you."

Idiot. You're lucky I don't say your name in public.

And I forgot your telephone number as I wrote it down.

Hold your breath while I think about it.

I always knew this city was lame. I just held out hope, since "I'm from here."

But nobody else is, and they move on pretty quickly.

I feel sorry for the ones who can't, or else they think so...

Somebody stole my copy of "1984" or else Winston would have more to say right now.

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