Monday, September 01, 2008

And the Living is Easy


I will never dive into Jacob's Well like this fellow did no matter how many times I see others do it without killing themselves. The water is so clear it never looks deep enough. And the blue hole at the center seems to leave little margin for error.

Jacob's Well is the entrance to a long watery cave. Some people actually scuba dive into it. Not me of course. That's clearly crazy dangerous. But folks dive it anyway. And some don't make it back.

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paul bain martin said...

Part of the reason my nose is sort of "mangled" just a bit, was that I dove into Hondo Creek off a big rock once during my High School days. It looked plenty deep, but I came to a sudden halt in gravel, rocks and sand ... inches below the water. Though I came up battered and bruised, I was lucky I didn't break my neck.