Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Zero Waste? Reducing!!! Reusing!! Recycling!

This evening I started thinking about tomorrow's list of things to do--and it involved leaves and lawn clippings, dead tomato plants, kitchen scraps, recyclable plastics, paper and glass. (Exciting, huh??) I began dreaming and wishing we had curbside recycling in this community and that more folk in Seguin composted rather than bagged leaves and lawn clippings, etc.

[Of course "dreaming and wishing" doesn't get it done. I recently heard Dede Armentrout's axiom quoted by Susan Hughes: "If you want to make decisions and have good things happen, become a decision-maker!" (paraphrased I'm sure)]

Anyway, I started "googling around" for Boulder County, Colorado's "Zero Waste" by 2017 program ( www.getboulder.com/visitors/articles-f06/zerowaste.html ) and found this web site, www.ecocycle.org/ , proposing that "zero waste is the fastest and most effective first step toward reducing climate change." ... About a year ago, I gave a presentation out at TLU titled Toward Reducing and Abolishing Spoiled Habitat: "Zero Trash" and a Clean Sustainable Seguin in which I wished for a Zero Waste program in the locale, and proposed strategies and tactics to make it happen.

Roland James et al. have been doing more than wishing and proposing! They've been beginning to meet with city officials and plea for a rigorous effort (they've proposed plans for education through a multitude of avenues, and with "carrots and sticks") in Seguin toward "Reducing, Reusing, & Recycling." If we'd get off our butts and really get serious about such a campaign, we could also positively effect climate change!??!

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