Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My wonderful friend Marvel Maddox of Seguin, Texas sent this to the San Antonio Express-News yesterday:

Drill Baby, Drill ... the mantra coming out of the Republican Convention is short sighted, gluttonous, selfish, and counterproductive.
Short sighted: it will only speed up the day we will reach Peak Oil and then there will never be a decrease in a barrel of crude ever.
Gluttonous: as President Bush proclaimed: we are addicted to oil.
Selfish: billions more barrels for us today equals zero barrels for our great, great grandchildren in sixty/eighty years.
Counterproductive: due to continuing global climate change and the trillions of dollars we will be spending dealing with those consequences.
Conserve Patriot, Conserve ... would have been a far superior (and accurate) rally cry by the straight talk express spokesperson Senator John McCain at the Republican Convention. Drilling now will not reduce the price of gasoline this month, this year, or next year; nor will it reduce our dependence on countries that hate us.
However, having a concerted national movement to conserve could reduce our level of dependency and the price of gasoline by this Christmas. Too bad we don’t have national leadership calling for this true act of patriotism out of the Republican Convention.
0% Conservation--100% Drill Baby Drill: Is this what we really need in the fevered world today?”
I think many of us in the U.S. in various parties are short-sighted, gluttonous, selfish and counterproductive. And I do think the Green Party has by far the best platform and plans for policies and actions for the short and long term—for moving toward sustainable livelihoods and community.

Nevertheless, it is also quite clear that the Democratic Party and Obama-Biden is a far better choice than the party of “drill baby, drill” and “U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! … "

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