Friday, September 05, 2008

What Drought Looks Like


This is the Sabinal River this past July. Last year I swam near this same spot and the water was over my head. The river reached both banks you see here on your right and left. This year the river is gone.

I walked about a mile along the dry bed looking for the Sabinal. All that was left were a few shallow pools here and there with some sad fish trying to eke out survival. I wonder if they made it.

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InNeedofaUserName said...

I blame this on developers, even though I don't know of any reason why...probably isn't a subdivision within 50 miles.

It looks like a great swimming of the few things that make Texas summers bearable. What else can you do outside when it's 100 in the shade?

I wonder how many swimming holes have been destroyed/ polluted/ dried up by development. Supposedly, there used to be a nice hole on Elm Creek in North SA. It's been ruined for swimming. Where are the kids going to go now, to the mall?