Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In This “Apathetical, Disenfranchised, Ignorant, Busy, Chaotic, Warring” World: WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT! (We Should Accept/Take This Responsibility)

[The government (which could involve structured living systems progressing toward quality life for all life
for a long period of time
) is a messy imperfect work in progress!]
I don’t think Reagan was the worst president there ever was. (George W. Bush is, however, a major candidate for this position.)

Nevertheless, as Tom Friedman pointed out on Charlie Rose last night in the promotion of his latest book, Hot, Flat and Crowded, … President Ronald Reagan did do some long-lasting harm to the U.S. and the world community:

  • Reagan and his followers encouraged a lack of confidence in government.

  • Ronald Reagan was “anti-tax”, and he promoted the false hopes of “the invisible hand,” and voodoo and trickle-down economics, for taking care of living individuals and the biosphere.

  • Ronnie lacked the ethic of conservation of the Natural world.

  • Reagan tore down Carter’s White House solar panels, and--through the Reagan administration’s lack of leadership in the area of ecological literacy and movement toward a conserving, Green economy—Ronnie Reagan set us back many years in our quest for quality life, sustainable livelihoods, and sustainable community for all for a long duration.

  • Reagan and his “revolution” are responsible for serious environmental destruction, degradation and pollution

I get aggravated at my lack of progress in convincing my local community that we should be educating toward and realizing: the reduction of, reuse of and recycling of “waste”. [We need to critically think, and realize that the haves and the powerful in this community make it difficult for the have-nots and less-powerful to do this reducing, reusing, and recycling. The workings of our current waste management system in my local community is just another example of non-recognition of, discrimination of and prejudice toward (and perhaps exploitation of) … the poor and de facto disenfranchised who live here. … But I personally truly have not been very effective in realizing significant socio-political/economic (ecological) change in my own community.]

As I just stated, I really haven’t been very successful in moving the local community we inhabit toward sustainable policies, practices and livelihoods. And I must know that I'm just not devoting the quality time and energy needed into this effort in order to be successful?

And now I’ve agreed to travel to Guatemala next month to discuss integrated pest management practices, and sustainable agriculture, livelihoods, and community with campesinos in the region around the Lago de Atitlán!??!

¡La vida buena! ¡Una vida tan loca! Some of us gringos really have it made!

“Bless me Father for I have sinned. It’s been many years since my last confession. … .”

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