Thursday, September 18, 2008

But the elected officials say they work right

"El Paso County is on the Watch List due to many recent indictments of El Paso public officials on corruption charges and for obstruction of Black Box Voting freedom of information requests. El Paso County uses the GEMS system, which also puts counties on the Watch List. Waller County was added to the Watch List on Aug. 31 for vote suppression attempts. Collin, Guadalupe, Jackson, Lee, Sherman and Wilson counties are on the Watch List because they will be using the Diebold/Premier GEMS system in November. This central tabulation system is the subject of a product advisory. It has been discovered dropping votes, a defect which will not be fixed by the 2008 general election. The remaining 49 counties are on the Watch List because they have been coerced into dependence on a private vendor for all phases of their election administration -- undermining the entire structure of the county election system. Several of these counties have experienced miscounted elections due to unqualified technicians provided by the vendor. Several counties show symptoms of tampering -- such as mismatched results inside the machine; failure to produce "zero" reports (symptom of vote-stuffing); and vote-flipping (votes marked for one candidate migrate to another candidate)."

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