Monday, September 01, 2008

Input for Workshop on the Future of Seguin, ... or Any Community

"Our 'community'" is having a workshop this week to provide input into the development of a Master Plan for the future. I hope we begin to truly consider the following:

1. We need to more thoroughly know what we were and what we are in terms of biocapacity* and sustainability.

Therefore, we need succinct, but meaty/quality reports on past and current state of Seguin and environs (Ecological economic analysis re. sustainability indicators; material flow/energy flux--input/throughput/output; ecological/carbon footprint; ...).

*Biocapacity refers to the capacity of a given biologically productive area to generate an on-going supply of renewable resources and to absorb its spillover wastes.

2. We should develop good visions of projected landscape, quality life**/sustainable livelihoods***, ecological/carbon footprint under various steady state/development scenarios.


3. We need plans to reduce total & per capita: ecological and carbon footprints, water useage, and waste/trash and pollution.

4. Proposed efforts in the Master Plan should increase: quantity and quality of Natural Green space, community gardens & sustainable agriculture, Green & LEED certified built structures, and bike/walking pathways, "Yellow" bike projects****, and support for intra & inter-city mass transport systems.


5. We need short and long-term concerted efforts toward small, neighborhood schools which facilitate holistic health and ecological literacy (for young and old, i.e. including participatory, hands-on continuing education).

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