Friday, September 12, 2008

An Art League's PURPOSE

What is the purpose of an Art League? Most of them are non-profits- and are not really there to get rich. So what is an Art League created for? According to the Seguin Oakwood Art League's by-laws, it's "To create a public interest in art, to sponsor public displays and workshops, and to help artists work together for mutual advancement". Right now, this Art League's members are not together on the definition of what "mutual advancement" means. We all agree that it's for the camaraderie of people who have an interest in the same things that we do. We also agree that it's to help each other learn new and better techniques to improve our work and grow with. Some feel that if we sell our art, then that's nice and we're lucky, but that selling our work is not really the purpose of a non-profit art organization. Others, myself included, want to seriously promote the Art League to create a larger public interest in the group, increase it's membership substantially, giving us better opportunities to learn and grow from, and generate more sales for all. I don't think that the act of selling your art work is cheapening your creative vision, unless you're slapping out work that you're calling art just for something to sell. If you're creating your best with each piece you produce, then, you're staying true to your heart and you alone must always judge your own intentions. So, how can our Art League fulfill it's purpose in Seguin?
We need to:
1. get a building to use as a gallery and to have our meetings, demonstrations, and receptions, etc, where we have control over the hours that it's open making it more accessible to the public.
2. an active group where all work together. Not a few consistently doing the work for the many.
2. to promote our workshops more with the community - children's and adult art classes, etc, to bring others into the group.
3. to sponsor city wide events for the public to bring the group to the attention of all.
4. a president who will actively generate and listen to ideas for growth and then act on them with the consent and support of the group.

An Art League is suppose to inspire and enthuse people. You should be able to walk into it and FEEL the energy and excitement and let it carry you away - if only for a little while. And when you pass out of it's doors, you should feel refreshed and renewed. Let's get together and make Seguin's Art League shine! We can do this!!

Today's Quote
What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. -Yiddish proverb

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