Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sins??: Masturbation, Birth Control; Weapon Loving, “Torture”, Capital Punishment, War; Environmental Destruction, Species Extinction

Destruction of life in (preemptive/any) war,

capital punishment,

clearing biodiverse Natural communities and replacing them with our deserts of artificial “development”,

eroding away topsoil (full of life … and life giving) and letting it--and industrial agricultural pesticide and artificial fertilizer run-off--create dead zones in the ecosphere’s estuaries,

robbing and polluting the earth’s waters to the point that we reduce aquatic, marine, terrestrial life,

living a life with a $100,000+ annual salary/200,000+ kilocaloric consumption per day/automobiles/conventional air conditioning … in a world where almost half the human population lives on < $2.50 per day

have to be (mortal and venial*) sins!

“My” Catholic Church has perhaps begun to really take these very difficult problems of humanity seriously.

Nevertheless it does have a long way to go in what needs to be a complete revamping of this sin thing.

*Or continued “original sinning” by humanity. [Read Brody’s The Other Side of Eden and Quinn’s Ishmael ]

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