Thursday, September 21, 2006

BBC Bookshelf is Now Defunct

Early visitors to the BBC should remember this bookshelf. It's where my minuscule collection of banned books was on display throughout the summer.
The books now line one of the window ledges, and it is painfully obvious how few there are.
The plan is to find more banned books, and to replace the now-missing bookshelf that enchanted so many visitors. It's a temporary condition, signifying my willingness to undergo periodic metamorphoses (I hope I spelled that right) during my lifetime.
One of those, for example, was when I quit my day job and opened the BBC. Until then, I had never made tomato soup, or pozole.
Speaking of pozole, it is Mexico's national celebration soup. We watched Spanish language news last Friday night, when President Fox delivered the famous grito that launched the Mexican fight for independence from Spain. Then the cameras panned over bags and bags of hominy, the mainstay of pozole.
We cooked it the next day, using my mother-in-law's recipe, and it was delicious, or more properly, muy sabroso. The chile de arbol was quite hot, and if you got it into your sinus area, it was a real choker.
We made more on Monday, and announced it to the world. We then made a huge discovery - the populace in our immediate area hardly know what pozole is.
I marveled at that little fact of life, however trivial it may be.
So we renamed it "Chicken/Pork/Hominy Soup," and more people ordered it. I still have half a pot of pozole, so I'll try to take a picture of a nice steaming bowl of it, and post it here in the near future.
Anyway, eight 'o clock again, and it's time ... you know ... to put on the coffee.

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Only Grrrl said...

I hate change! Why'd you take down the bookshelf?

Next week is Banned Books Week! I'll bring some more books this weekend.