Sunday, September 10, 2006

Channeling JW
(not a desperate cry for attention!)

About this time last year, Only Grrrl's Only Mom was a guest blogger on a now defunct blog.

Only Mom was very witty in her blog. She used phrases like "butt-tickling hair." She discussed the difficulty of writing a piano concerto that doesn't require thumbs. She talked about her dog who barks at Jesus everyday.

Finally she sent this invective-filled rant into the blogosphere. She was pissed at "us" all for never commenting on her contributions to the postmodern virtual literosphere. I wish I had saved it, because that little woman let "us" have it in a way that would have done any sailor proud.

So, I'm channeling the Only Mom for a moment to (gently, in an Only Grrrl way) gripe and complain about the lack of enthusiasm for what's supposed to be our collective, community-building conversation.

I mean, if you're not going to comment on Fire Ant Friday, what ARE you going to comment on? And isn't "Tree Speech" at least a cute play on words, and ever so appropriate for a blog called "Banned Books?"

Community takes ... I don't know... communing? communicating? telecommuting?

That's what this blog is all about... in addition to supporting our new favorite cafe (and Mexican import-a-rama), we're building community here. And you don't even have to be a card carrying member of the ACLU!!

Emily Post would be ashamed of "us."

So: How about some feedback for Winston and Pineapple and Enrique, and the other hard working bloggers out there?!?!

I think I'll go annoy somebody else now...


mayahuel said...

Ouch! Only Grrrl, you are good and feisty with your words. This time it really got me. I must say that I've read every post in the bbc blog. And I understand the frustration... this is a great opportunity for expression...
Winston, Only Grrrl, Pineapple, Enrique and the rest, for the sake of those in need of change, don't stop writing!

Only Grrrl said...

Yay! Your input is always welcome!

Thanks for the props!

--Only Grrrl

pineapple said...

You are getting to be more like Only Mom with rants like that! Kudos!