Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Found Out Who Tried To Hack This Blog

It's a matter of time ... MORON...

On another note. Did anyone notice who financed the big media extravaganza 911 Memorial on CNN and every other corporate media outlet?

The automobile companies.

Guess what automobiles run on?

OIL ...

First out after Larry King & His Cowboy Boots was ... don't rely on my notes ... no wait, somebody switched to ABC's fictional 911 movie.

The ad? Peanut butter. How comfortable.

Scene from movie, with Condi and Cheney ... horrified look, "this wasn't how we planned to make ourselves and our corporate buddies wealthy beyond reason."

Scary movie, but it's the same as in the White House nowadays ... fiction.

Er, that's the presidency and its cabinet ... and the movie, which frankly, I didn't watch. I don't watch network tv, too many euphemisms.

Back to the tv ads following Larry's Boots. Warner Bros movie, "Iwo Jima," coming out friday. War movie ... who's surprised? Still on ABC (sorry) "ABC Dot Com's 'Dancing With The Stars'"

"Ben Gay," for first responders and victims who live. For those little hurts.

Again, in case we missed it ... "Dancing With The Stars."

Oh yeah, here we go. Vroooom.

Hyundai has declared a Jihad against Honda and Toyota. The Hyundai challenge will not stop until its competitors are ground into scrap heaps. Nice analogy for the mess we're in, huh?

Now the local TV.

Weather: "It's raining."

Charles Gibson (why am I still stuck on ABC? They cut my cable.

My take on it? Intelligence failure by the American public. Bush/Cheney 2000.

Oh, here it is, the remote ... Anderson Cooper 360 ... commercial "Principal Financial Group ... Hyundai's Jihad again ... Movie, "The Black Dahlia," starts Friday.

Lunesta ... "Sleep Through Life." Try beer, it tastes better. But don't take it with alcohol.

Taco Bell ... Kevin Costner in "The Guardian." ... Botox ... Overstock.com ... "It's all about the 'O'" ... Silvia Kristel starred in an erotic movie, "The Story of O," but 911 Entertainment didn't advertise renting that movie. It's all about new.

Wait, let's escape in a brand spanking new, just off the lot with a huge debt "Dodge Lincoln Mercury." ... how about a "Ford Fusion" ... Hyundai again ... North Side Ford (hit 'em in the gas tank) ... "There's no more comfortable place in (the New Philippines) to buy a Ford." ... Yeeehaaah ... "San Marcos Toyota" ... Back to CNN and Larry's Booots, no it's Anderson Cooper 360, fondling an artillery shell, searching for Osama Bin Laden and the profits he earned from the Bush Family and their mom and pop business in Afghanistan ... turn to FOX NEWS? ... Forget it, I'm signing off so my son can ruin this computer with his video games.

Who's tuned in more to reality? YOU DECIDE...

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Only Grrrl said...


I think somebody else is channeling Only Mom! Very reminiscent of her style and subject matter... only she thinks Anderson Cooper is really good looking, which makes up for a lot in her mind.