Thursday, September 14, 2006

I will miss Ann Richards

Near the end of my time in DC, I was really lonely and lost. I missed home. I was crying all the time.

One morning after riding the metro in to work -- and making my strongest effort to avoid eye contact with anyone for fear of breaking down uncontrollably in tears, I decided to stop in at Starbucks for a mocha. I placed my order, paid and got into the other line to await my drink, still not making eye contact with anyone.

A few minutes later, for some reason, I was compelled to turn around and see who was behind me.

It was Ann Richards.

I gasped and smiled and lunged at her like we were long lost friends. Luckily I recovered my wits and stopped myself!

I said, "Hi, I'm from Texas, and I miss home."

She asked me what I was doing up there. I told her.

She said she tries to stay out of DC as much as possible, "This town is toxic."

We said goodbye. I got my mocha, went to work and turned in my resignation. I was moving back to Texas.

Now, go read Pineapple's story. It's better.

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pineapple said...

Ann did some great things and one of them was sending you back to Austin.