Wednesday, September 27, 2006

BBC: Posterity Two

Hunter S. Thompson allegedly shot himself in the head on the day before my birthday, February 20, 2005. This is a shot of him in Austin in 1990. Visit the web site to see what he is holding in his other hand. WGR, a BBC blogger who was left out in the cold when I reset this blog, designed the poster for the third annual press club party. The press club is now defunct. But we all had a great time while it lasted. One night on regular Wednesday at the Gunter Hotel, I put a little plastic penis with legs on the wooden bar. I wound it up and set it off in the direction of three lovely women who were having a cocktail. Instead of throwing ice, or worse, their glasses at me, they welcomed him with open arms. They giggled, laughed, and played with the little penis crown, then set it on its way. Later on, I went in search of my wind-up penis, and found it stuck in the middle of the queso dip. I rescued it, washed the cheese off its little legs, and hid it in one of the potted plants. I wonder if it is still there. Now, how the hell did I end up telling this story? I bought the penis in Austin, and I have never seen it since I left it in the second floor bar at the Gunter Hotel. I hope it found a good home somewhere.

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