Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Rant: BBC Down to the Wire

Hey Dummy, you can throw your trash in here...

Not much time to post. On deadline, got to get editorial copy done for ad trade in tourist magaziine distributed right here in Cottonwood City, the Belle of the Southwest. Computer at home filled with dizzying array of games to entertain the teenage wasteland. This morning I confiscated the cable that connects the internet, and the video game controls hooked to the TV that was left on all night.
I'm fighting heavy traffic on I-35. My gas tank was empty. My hired help is deserting me within a couple of weeks and I'm facing the nightmare of hiring outside help.
I chased away a couple of derelicts (defined not homeless, just panhandling to get drunk) from my front door; actually, I grabbed one by his filthy jacket and spun him out the door as he was harassing my customers. "I wasn't doing anything wrong," he sputtered at me.

The Banned Books Cafe is located in the heart of what remains of the Wild Wild West, a cannonball's throw from the Alamo, deep in the land of the mesquite and chaparral.

It's eight o'clock, and now I've got to put the coffee on...

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Enrique said...

I guess this is where you unload the stupid people.