Friday, September 08, 2006

Tree Speech Blog Debuts

Hullo everyone. Welcome back to the BBC blog. Will work on links, etc, as soon as I can. Invites were sent out to member bloggers, and they are coming back.
Can't type well right now. I cut my left middle finger (the tip) while I was shaving the other night in the shower. Don't ask me how I did it, I'm too embarrassed. That's why I used the U instead of the E (ouch) key in the word "Hello" (again, ouch).
From now on I'm only shaving in front of a mirror.
The last time I cut myself while shaving, I put a couple of slices across my left earlobe, just a couple of weeks ago.
I just wanted to (this affects my E, D, and C keys - ouch, ouch, ouch) give a heads up about Tree Speech and related blog. This blogger will be invited as soon as I confirm email - maybe he will come in as "Code Name: Salamander," to avoid SLAPPS. That's "Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation."


Only Grrrl said...

Tell me more about SLAPPS!

ALSO: please don't start shaving more sensitive areas!

Winston said...

I'm trying to type works that to not use those keys. Wilkommin bakk. You're invititation was shot out an hour ago, or so.
Oh, typos without this or that partic (ouch) ular symbol.

pineapple said...

maybe it is time for a beard...

Only Grrrl said...

Obviously, I was serious about the SLAPPS thing... do tell more!

Ocotillo said...

Ssssshhhh.... Winston!!! ixNay on the alamanderSay. al-MartWay could be isteningLay.