Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ta Da? Banned Books Cafe logo

Brad Foster designed our logo. He has won science fiction's Hugo Award five times during his career as an artist (one was a tie with another artist). Brad hails from the Cottonwood City, and now resides in Yankee Land. Now, for reference purposes, we define Yankee Land as anywhere north of the Guadalupe River. That includes Austin. Damn Yankees. Brad Foster will display his artwork for sale at the Pecan Street Festival in Austin during the weekend of Sept. 30 - Oct. 1. The Banned Books Cafe offers framed Brad Foster works. We have paid Brad Foster (as we believe in putting money directly into artists hands, not sweatshop operators - got it, Pepe Santiago?), and we intend to register it with the secretary of state. Remember, Brad Foster designed the BBC logo. We have proof that he did it. It is the official logo of the Banned Books Cafe. Does anyone recognize the fellow sitting behind the books? Comments are welcome, but not required.

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