Wednesday, September 27, 2006

BBC: Posterity Four

Leland Outz showed up one night at the Gunter Hotel. He wore his trademark photographer's vest, but I insisted on asking him; "Are you a photographer?"
"Of course I am," he replied with that smirk of his.
But he was acting like wallflower, so I grabbed him and walked around the room, introducing to the "usual suspects" who hung out at the Gunter, the Esquire Tavern, the Beethoven Mannerchor and other venues during the three-year life of the revived Cottonwood City Press Club. A previous incarnation of the press club was lodged in the basement in a building in La Villita, but that was before my time, when reporters would be assessed on what they had for lunch by the gravy drippings on their vests. When Lee lunches at the BBC, he usually sits underneath his photos on the wall. They're for sale, but people balk at the price, which is reasonable for such large-format prints. Some people just don't see the value in things.

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