Monday, September 11, 2006

Was Larry King Wearing Cowboy Boots?

Immediately after our idiot president made a speech in which he vowed to make his friends even more wealthy by pursuing his brand of "war on terrorism," Larry King went to a live shot somewhere in NYC - or was it Jersey? - with four 9/11 widows.
All due respect ... ladies, but Larry appeared to be wearing yeehaw Texas-style cowboy boots. Black bottoms, brown stovetops, and was that a Christian cross near the top?
And why was he twisting his ankle so much? Those things do hurt till you wear 'em in.
I wonder if Larry King plans to relocate to Crawford if/when he retires from the public spotlight?
Lots of wood choppin' to do down on the Lil' Ponderosa, Larry.
Somebody correct me if saw something else. But they damn sure looked like cowboy boots to me.
Oh, Land Rover was one of the tv advertisers on CNN immediately following the president's speech. Chalk one up for Tony Blair.
Yay, there's Hillary. Re-elect the Clintons to the White House!
I'm not making light of Sept. 11, 2001. But there's a limit for my tolerance for bullshit.
Bush had no right to make that speech. He was speechless the day it happened.

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mad said...

I saw or read somewhere that Larry King has a young wife and a baby. You have to admit, the dude gets around.