Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing On The Computer?

Okay, this is irritating. The mouse has a creep in it. Meaning it drifts to the top of the screen. It's a direct result of our teen-ager playing endless computer games, using instant messenger. Simultaneously he is playing a football game on the TV, and ratcheting up the minutes on his cell phone, with the house phone attached to the other ear. He does this shit for hours, until way past bedtime. We are an nth degree from taking the computer away.
Did I say this mouse creep is really irritating?
There's no reading of books. No interest in anything but computer games.
Parents, do you know who your kid is talking to on instant messenger?
Better check it out.


Only Grrrl said...

EEEK... a creeping mouse is not a good thing.

mayahuel said...

Have you tried showing your son an alternative to computer games? I tell you this because I have a son who does exactly the same thing. It is annoying as hell. But I do remember when I had more time and I would go play basketball with him, I would pretend to know what I was doing, but he would nail me every time. Sometimes we would get the bikes and would explore the neighborhood. We also tried cooking together and sit at the table for dinner. I guess I am engulfed by this world now as much as he is. How to get out?